Used Cooking Oil Collection

Northwest Biofuel provides used cooking oil collection throughout the states of Oregon and Washington. All restaurants and commercial kitchens have the opportunity to dispose of their deep fryer oil and enjoy rebates by having it recycled.

We provide free cooking oil pickup as part of our regular grease trap cleaning service.

Recycling your used cooking oil is eco-friendly, too. All of the oil we collect is converted into biodiesel fuel.

Cooking Oil Container Sizes

We will provide you with a new, free container that is appropriately sized for your restaurant which will be stored outside. However, if your restaurant does not have space outside we can also provide you with a container designed for indoor collection.  We will also replace your container upon request free of charge if it ever becomes too dirty.

Our Used Cooking Oil Collection Process

The process of collecting used cooking oil is very simple. Our driver pulls up to your parking lot where the container is located. He hooks up a hose and sucks all of the oil into the truck. The process is quick and clean, usually done early in the morning before the restaurant has opened for business.

Used Cooking Oil Recycling Benefits For Restaurants

  • No Cost – There is no cost for collecting used cooking oil. In fact, restaurants actually get a credit on their grease trap cleaning bill based on the amount of cooking oil collected.
  • Bundled Service – We are one of the few pumpers who handle both grease trap cleaning, drain cleaning and used cooking oil collection. You have one point of contact for all three services.
  • Discounts – Restaurants who recycle their used fryer oil in conjunction with grease trap cleaning receive a credit to their bill.
  • Ease Of Use – One of the things restaurant owners have to consider when they are choosing a used cooking oil collection company is whether or not you will have to badger the company to come to pick up the oil. With Northwest Biofuel you will have the peace of mind knowing that your used cooking oil collection is automatic. Your restaurant will be placed on a recurring collection schedule (weekly, bi-monthly or monthly) so you never have to call. However, should you ever need your container emptied before it’s scheduled collection date just call the number on it and we will have it emptied within 24 hours.