Used Cooking Oil Disposal & Recycling for Hotels

Here in Oregon & Washington, we’re fortunate enough to live, work, and play in an area many people vacation to. Between the mountains, coastline, cities, rivers, and more, the Pacific Northwest hospitality industry is among the strongest in the country. Owning and operating a hotel comes with a multitude of tough responsibilities, including dealing with used cooking oil from the kitchen. Northwest Biofuel is proud to serve the hotels of Oregon & Washington, preventing your hotel from experiencing clogged pipes, constant repairs, and health department violations.

Why Oregon & Washington Hotels & Resorts Work With NW Biofuel

Northwest Biofuel is proud to be locally owned and operated right here in Oregon and Washington. We offer our hospitality partners a multitude of services, including but not limited to grease trap cleanings, grease trap repair, and drain cleanings. In addition, we offer free cooking oil collection for our hotel partners, which we then recycle into biodiesel. During emergencies, NW Biofuel’s hotel emergency service will have your back and on average will arrive at your location within the hour.

Here at NW Bio, environmental stewardship is our number one priority, as we’ve been a proud member of the Preferred Pumper Program for over 10 years. We take pride in our responsibility to serve the hospitality industry, people, and environment of Oregon & Washington. Give us a call or reach out online today to partner your hotel or resort with NW Biofuel.