Used Cooking Oil Disposal & Recycling for Schools

Our public and private schools here in Oregon & Washington make up the backbone of our communities. For some students, one of the biggest benefits that comes from attending school is the ability to have meals served. School kitchens provide multiple meals to hundreds of students daily, which can make for quite a large amount of used cooking oil and grease. This begs the question of what to do with all of this waste. Northwest Biofuel partners with public and private schools across Oregon and Washington. Whether you are a district level decision maker looking to set up service for all the schools in your district or an individual school that needs grease trap, drain cleaning or used cooking oil collection we are ready to service you. We understand that often schools need to have service completed when school is not in sessions. Whenever you need the service completed (holidays, spring and summer, breaks, weekends or nights) we can set a schedule that meets your requirements. 

Why Oregon & Washington School Districts Work With NW Biofuel

Here at Northwest Biofuel, environmental stewardship is our priority. We’ve been a member in good standing of the Preferred Pumper Program for over 10 years and we take a great deal of pride in the responsibility to serve the schools, people, and environment of Oregon & Washington. Give us a call or reach out online today to partner with your school with NW Biofuel.