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The Role of Government Initiatives in Promoting Used Cooking Oil Recycling

Restaurants, hotels, and others in the food service industry go through gallons of cooking oil every week. Where does all of the used cooking oil go? Ideally, used cooking oil is recycled and turned into biofuel and glycerin, but not … Continue reading

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Cooking Oil Recycling in Fast-Food Chains: Setting Industry Standards

More than 200,800 fast-food restaurants exist in the U.S., an increase of 0.8% from 2022. Oregon has over 11,550 of them, including 3,602 chain restaurants. If you stop and consider that the average fast-food restaurant generates 35 pounds of used … Continue reading

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Waste to Wealth: The Value Chain of Used Cooking Oil Recycling

A value chain covers the steps it takes to create a finished product. Used cooking oil recycling has several steps to get from oil that’s used to cook foods to the finished biodiesel that powers a car, truck, plane, tractor, … Continue reading