Grease Trap Repair



We offer grease trap repair for restaurants in the Portland metro and SW Washington area. Grease trap repair typically costs a fraction of what it costs to replace a grease trap.

Grease trap repair is less invasive and doesn’t require you to shut down your restaurant.

What Happens When A Grease Trap Leaks?

If you grease trap has holes, two things can happen:

  • It leaks into the foundation of your restaurant
  • Grease bypasses the trap directly entering the city’s sewer system.

In either case, your trap is not functioning properly. It’s cheaper to repair a grease trap if you catch it early.

How Do I Know If My Grease Trap Is Failing?

There are no warning signs or smells that your grease trap isn’t functioning properly. You have to inspect it and look for rust, holes, or a deteriorated lining after it has been emptied.

Unfortunately, most restaurant owners don’t have the time to look inside their grease trap when it’s empty and visually check for rust or holes.

That’s why we offer a free inspection, just give us a call at 503-954-6173.

We’ll come in, pump out your grease trap and take a look. We show you what condition your grease trap is in and if it needs to be repaired we will give you a free quote.

NOTE: For our regular grease trap cleaning customers, we thoroughly inspect your grease trap when we do a cleaning. This is an important difference between our service and many other pumpers.

While other pumpers will only come in, pump out the trap and leave, we take time to inspect your trap which could save you thousands of dollars in the event your trap is beginning to show signs of wear.